Saturday, 8 January 2011

Safari Park

Ok, it's not a real safari park, but it is real enough to our Calum.

Calum has turned into a real animal lover these last few months. He loves to watch the children's programme Deadly 60, read his wildlife books and is taking a keen interest in looking after and feeding the birds in the back garden in this harsh winter weather. He now has a common garden birds poster that he checks to try and recognise what types our little visitors are. Blackbirds, chaffinches and robins are the most commonly spotted so far.

For Christmas he really wanted a Playmobil safari Ranger Station. The other day he took these photos and said they were for me to put on the blog.

Here's the full thing, complete with watering hole.

This is the ranger with a few rescued baby animals behind the fence.

The monkeys

And round the back of the ranger station the other ranger is having a snooze in the bed on the left.

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  1. So sweet! I loved playing with horses and ponies when I was little. This safari set reminds me of what my sister and I had. We had a barn and coral with plenty of horses. We would wake up very early in the morning so we could have time to play before school started :D So cute that Calum took the pictures for you to post!

    I love the new blog look and the picture of you!


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