Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Weekend Fun

There was quite a choice of things to do on the island on Saturday.

Firstly, the tall ships were in town.

We had already been up close to see them the day before, but on Saturday I took this photo of them from the town centre.

There was also a Celtic Music festival on last week, and as part of this, there was an inter-island shinty match between Lewis and Uist.

We popped along to watch some of the match, which was won 3-2 by Lewis. Yay!

After this we went along to the Highland Games.

One of the highlights of this is the strong man competition, which included the stereotypical Caber Tossing.

First challenge, is to get the caber off the ground. They actually made this look pretty easy!

Then they have a wee run before throwing the caber. The aim is to get the caber to flip right over.

This one hasn't quite managed to flip it, so he get's no points.

Now it's someone else's go. 

He had more success, you can see the caber falling the opposite way.

Any willing children were invited into the ring to take part in a tug of war.

First the bigger ones. James is second from the right in the red top.

Then the smaller ones. Our Mr Competitive, David, is at the front.

Calum was in the opposing team, making him even more competitive!

That evening, after dinner, we were having a hit around with the shinty sticks. David was obviously thinking of his day at the Highland Games as he then turned his shinty stick round, held it like a caber and said, 'Look, I'm one of the strong men,'

before then throwing it up in the air like a caber!

Soon they were all joining in, in the evening sunshine.


  1. Weren't the tall ships lovely :) And the weather was so gorgeous!

  2. Looks like a great day! Your boys are so cute! That caber tossing thing is ....amazing!

  3. I remember the tossing of the caber/strong man competition in the beloved "Christy" book and movie! Have you ever read the book, by Catherine Marshall, or seen the movie? One of my favorite stories of all time, based on a real person and her life as a schoolteacher in the Appalachian Mountains of the USA! Beautiful story. Anyhow, I liked the photos and that's what those reminded me of! ;)

    Your boys are adorable! I love their imaginations, too. Good for them!


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