Monday, 11 July 2011

The Local Agricultural Show

On Saturday was the local Agricultural show here. Plenty of sheep and cows on display, as well as locally grown vegetables & flowers, and crafts.

James and Calum both entered the art competition, James entered the under 12 sewing competition and I entered 3 different crochet competitions.

My dad entered about 6 different photo competitions and my mum was the volunteer in charge of the teas & cakes.

It was a busy day for everyone.

The night before, we went along while things were being set up. The men were setting up the marquees and the ladies were setting up the teas - and the boys were out in the evening sunshine playing football.

On the day itself:

~there was the chance to sit inside a real fire-engine.

~And a police car.

~There was music from a local pipe band.

~Some, er, traditional? candy floss.

~Music from some accordian players.

~Even less traditional than the candy floss, gladiator fighting.

But more exciting than any of this was the results of the competitions.

James' hand sewn Harris Tweed Owl (seen below, tucked under his arm) won 2nd in his category, and my baby blanket won a 3rd in it's category! (seen below tucked under David's arm). I was so excited, given than I only took up crochet last summer, and most of the other ladies are veterans!

Calum and James are holding up their pictures too, which although not winners at the show, were winners in my eyes.

Alasdair enjoyed playing with the rosette!

Don't ask my dad about the photography competition! There's always next year!


  1. Oh, I was going to ask about the photo competition....guess I'll just keep my mouth shut, eh?!

    Looks like a great day was had by all (barring Dad!), and wasn't it great to have the day in sunshine. Woohoo!

  2. What fun Kisrteen! The photos give off such aroma of what it is like there. The beautiful green grass the festivities, the charm of everyone captured in the pictures, something that I wish our big cities here had more of and our small cities too for that matter!

    All the items mentioned that were entered in the contest look amazing. The boys pictures show such talent! And I am thrilled that you won a ribbon for the crocheting competition! Yay!!


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