Friday, 1 July 2011

Things I'm loving Friday ♥ - First ever Video Blog!!!!


So, this week I finally got round to joining in with those who had some fun videos of themselves on their blogs a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed hearing what they all sounded like in 'real life' and hope you all do too.

Quickly, before I show them, Rachel asked in the comments to my previous post what 'a doddle' meant. I assumed this was a universal turn of phrase but obviously not! It means easy-peasy/a piece of cake/easy as pie, that sort of thing.

What I'm loving this week was pretty much covered in the previous post - being on-line again, the school holidays starting, the weather improving and the prospect of a few weeks holiday at my parents'.

We had such fun putting the Vlogs below together. It took quite a few takes as it's so weird looking at the camera and I kept on laughing and forgetting what I wanted to say. On playing them back I also realised that I sound a bit like Nina from Nina and the Neurons, well I think so anyway!

After we had done the final version, I then thought we should do a quick one in Gaelic for those who have never heard the language before.

So, without any further ado........

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh Kirsteen! That was so awesome. Just loved hearing your scottish accent (my ancestors are from there!!) and you speaking in Gaelic!!! Your boys are so cute (and you are beautiful!!).

  2. Oh good for you Kirsteen. Now, if I had a lovely voice like yours and spoke with that nice an accent I might do one too.... but, as it is... I think not!

  3. Awwww - we loved this! It was very cool to "meet" you on another level, and I liked hearing the Gaelic version...definitely do one again! :)

  4. Hi Kirsteen! Thanks so much for joining in with the Vlog linky! So cool to hear your amazing accent - I love it!! I might need to borrow it!! - Gail
    P.s your boys are lovely too. My kids are standing here saying "those are lollies!". We call them "iceblocks" here.

  5. Love the video Kirsteen. You and your boys are a delight. I know Marie and Elizabeth are going to want to pop over and see, and hear you as well. I feel a little like Anne... slightly intimidated at the prospect of
    making a video of myself' I love the idea though. It would be wonderful if we all did it... it does help to get a chance to know each other and families better doesn't it?

    Many Blessings,

  6. It was lovely to "hear" you again after such a long time! Much more personal than the e-mailing! I may just have to do one, long as the children behaved, but if I bribed MINE with ice lollies as well, that may work ;-)........LOVED hearing the Gaelic. I remember learning a little - "agus" means "and" I think?...yeah, rally useful! and "cheerie" that!


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