Saturday, 16 July 2011

Baba's Bag

Before we came away on holiday, Alasdair got a new bag.

A super-cute boy needs a super-cute bag. He chose this 'Timmy Time' one himself.

Inside it we packed a few essentials to pass some of the time on the ferry journey for him.

He chose these himself too.

There was 'Maka-Paka'.

His favourite books.

And a couple of cars.

We also had to take his trusty Thomas trains but they have their own case and were far too big to fit in his wee bag.

One contented little Baba.


  1. Your kiddos are just too cute! I love your little boy's choice of his own bag, great choice! And all the treasures he chose to put inside. :)

  2. Such a cute boy! We still have those wonderful trains around our home too! Love them!
    Have a great day, Kirsteen!

  3. With his selection of items, I'm sure he and my boys would get along great! Thomas & Friends have been wonderful companions to all four of my boys as they've come along. :)

    I also wanted to thank you so much for the very kind comment you left on my blog. Thanks for sharing your experience and your heart. I'm so grateful!

  4. Oh my word Kirsteen,
    This post is SO cute!

    I gotta get one of those bags!! ADORABLE! Loved seeing what was inside it too, Zane is just now starting to love Thomas the Train.


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