Saturday, 30 July 2011

Last evening on the island

We arrived safely home last night from our three week stay back home at my parents'.

How can three weeks pass by so quickly? 

A few nights before we left David (5) said to me, 'I thought we were going to stay for lots and lots of beds, like 20 beds?' I told him that we had and he replied, 'Are you sure? It doesn't feel like it!'

So it wasn't just me.

On our last evening my beloved and I lined up some tin cans and had a bit of a shooting competition.

We're quite the romantics, I know.

His aim was far better than mine, but my excuse was that the gun was quite heavy, and a bit rusty too, and obviously designed for a man. Still, I did manage to hit the target, as you can see from the fourth photo.

I always love being home on the island and a bit sad to leave.

However, once we get home to our own wee house, I'm glad to be home here too. I think three weeks was about long enough to be away.

And look what I found waiting in the garden when we got back.


  1. You look so lady like shotting in that position, it's hardly 'prone' or i don't know what you'd call it "lady like kneeling position"?? Sounds like a lovely stay, love Posie

  2. Sounds like you had such a great time away! And what nice garden surprises to come home to!! :)

  3. Oh so nice to hear you were back home for a nice couple of weeks! I'm praying I can make one of those trips coming real soon! LOVED the target practicing and oh my those tomatoes and raspberries are so beautiful!



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