Monday, 4 July 2011

An Afternoon of Jousting

Well, a few weeks ago we spent the Evening in the Great Hall of the Castle, this weekend we were at a different castle for an afternoon of Jousting.

The castle this time was Linlithgow Palace, once home to many of the Stuart Kings.

It is an excellent location for the jousting. The grassy area outside has a slight slope, so that wherever you end up sitting, you still get a great view.

This is the view looking down from the Palace towards the jousting area.

And this is the view from the jousting area back to the palace. 

The Jousting show was amazing. Really good fun. There were also some stalls showing medieval foods, weapons and armour as well as some little shows demonstrating various parts of medieval life.

It's on again this coming weekend so if anyone is local and has nothing else planned then I would highly recommend it.

I'll leave you all now with a little slide-show of some photos of the day. I need to give credit to my brother for some of these photos, the really clear close-ups of the jousting. His were so much better than mine.

I recommend clicking the arrows button in the bottom right corner when you view this to see it in full screen.

Also, ten points to anyone who recognises the soundtrack! I'll give you all a clue tomorrow :0)


  1. What an amazing day out! And these photos are incredible... Fantastic!

  2. How fun is that?? Our county fair has a (very staged) jousting tournament every year, complete with perfectly-timed incidental music...including exerpts from the same soundtrack (P of the C, anyone? :)
    Great pictures - looks like it was a blast!!

  3. Great pictures. Loved the pics of the boys. Looks like a great day out; I would have loved to join you. The sound track was familiar, but I couldn't place it. Was it very difficult to create the You Tube Video? You did a great job, and the music was perfect.

  4. Very well done ... would I be close if I said Hans Zimmer?


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