Sunday, 24 July 2011

Things I'm loving...


Late again with this week's Things I'm Loving, but we're still away on holiday and in holiday mode!

This week we've been loving beaches and more beaches!

We might not get the scorching temperatures up here that you can get over-seas, but you do have access to plenty beautiful unspoilt beaches, and you tend to get them all to yourself too!

And let's face it, being married to a red-head means that hot sunny holiday locations are far from ideal!

Whenever we visit a beach the boys always dig a big hole.

It's a boy thing, I think.

This has now developed into building a big trench that you could use to defend the beach in the case of another D-Day-type landing attack! Not that I imagine the Outer Hebrides will be high on the invasion list, but it's good to be prepared nonetheless! :0)

Meanwhile, I was down at the sea enjoying the waves.

Of course, every good defensive position needs to be tested out, so here come a couple of attackers....

I'm pleased to report that no-one was injured in the Battle of Dal Beag, and that the defensive position held very well!


  1. I tell you, you cannot beat the Hebriddean beaches for beauty - that white sand! Gorgeous! Glad you are having a great time. x

  2. Can you image how over crowded we would get if we had the weather?! Sometimes it has advantages :o) glad you are having fun x

  3. The beach looks great! Glad the defensive position held up!
    I love the trench picture w/ all of your boys!

  4. What grand FUN! The beach looks amazing! The green grass contrasted with the sky, cliff and water is just amazing! The sand looks so nice and warm between those toes!


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