Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Afternoon Tea with friends

Tonight's post was going to be about the Highland Games we attended at the weekend.

However, since I can't get use of my dad's laptop just now, my mum's doesn't recognise my camera memory card, and my husband's doesn't even have a space for the memory card, then that post will have to wait!!

Instead I'll just share these photos of the treats we had this afternoon when friends came round.

(And how did I get these photos uploaded? I took them on my phone and uploaded them directly to Picassa. Just in case you were wondering!)

Calum's best friend's dad comes from the island too, and their family are up here on holiday just now as well. We did kind of co-ordinate our holidays so that we would at least overlap for a little while here and the boys could get together, even though they see each other every day at school!

Last week we were at the beach together.Today wasn't so much beach weather so they came over to the house here. Our bigger boys, Calum's friend and his brother, and both the daddies spent a good part of the afternoon out on the croft playing football. The mummies stayed indoors with Alasdair and Calum's friend's three month old baby brother (Yes, they have all boys too. Something in the water where we live).

Then when the daddies were equally exhausted they all came indoors.

The boys went off to play a Knights Battle game while the adults had tea, coffee, some of these scones:

and a wee slice of this:

Then all too soon the afternoon was over and it was time for them to leave.

I hear rumours of another meet up at the swimming pool tomorrow though!

OH, and best of all, as you will have guessed from the references to him, daddy arrived to join us on our holiday on the evening ferry last night :0)


  1. Looks like I need to coordinate our holidays better too! That tea time looks quite inviting! (Though I do realize that looking inviting and being invited are rather different things!)
    Sounds wonderful to get to spend some holiday time w/ friends as well as family! Glad Daddy made it there safely and is enjoying your lovely family now too!

  2. Keri, if you ever make it to this side of the Atlantic, you will of course be most welcome to come round for afternoon tea, scones and cake!

  3. Looked to be a very enjoyable time with family, friends and food! I want to come over for tea and scones! I love tea and baked goods can be very tempting! :) Someday I want to visit a place like yours...

  4. Kirsteen those scones and cake look so scrumptious. I would love to have tea wit you! You always inspire me whenever you bake! Gets my tastes buds a watering!!!

    ~ Marie

  5. What a great holiday with friends and family. And I am so happy that your husband was able to enjoy as well! The tea, cake and scones look divine and the presentation so lovely.


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