Thursday, 14 July 2011

Meet Roscoe

Roscoe is my youngest brother's dog, and at about 18 months old, is still very much the mischievous puppy.

When we first came up here a week ago, Alasdair wasn't too sure what to make of him. After all, he would jump up to face height and lick Alasadair's face. Repeatedly.

It only took a day or so for Alasdair to get used to him though. Rosoce settled down and wasn't quite so over friendly when he saw him. Alasdair learned how to pat him nicely.

Now they are great friends.

Rosoce pulls too much on the lead for Alasdair to take him on it outside, but he likes to hold him until we are all ready to go.

The photo quality isn't great in these pictures as I was using my phone, but this is the road from the house down to the shore.

There was no chance for skimming practice tonight before dinner, as the tide was right in.

Down at the shore is this amazing old ruined jetty, which hasn't been in use for decades.

Here is another shot of the cliffs. The land on the other side of the sea is another part of the island, the part where my dad is originally from.

He says the best part about living where they are now is the view across the bay to 'his' part of the island :0)

Now a cute picture to finish.

Here is Rosoce, Chrsitmas 2009, when my brother got him as a tiny puppy.

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  1. Roscoe was a sweet little pup and good looking adult dog, now! What breed is he? Rather reminds me of a Jack Russell Terrier!

    I love the photos of the sea and the beach and the roads along the seaside! Wish I could be there! :)


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