Friday, 15 July 2011

Things I'm loving...


The boys and I have been loving this song for the last month or two but now it's really become like the soundtrack to our holidays.

Latha Math (laa ma) means 'a good day' and the song is all about a great day on the island - Eilean Leodhais (The Isle of Lewis)

For some reason the embed link isn't working so to see the video click here.

The band are called Manran and their first album came out only a couple of weeks ago. We are loving it!!

Here a few more random photos of what we would describe as 'Latha Math air an Eilean'.


  1. Hi!! I didn't have your email to reply to your comment, but just wanted to say that over here in NZ, our winter means heaps of rain and green lush grass, and in summer it is usually dry here and we have browner grass. I didn't realise it was any different in other parts of the world until a friend from South Africa recently told me that over in SA the grass is the most green in summer! xoxo

  2. Love the pictures, Kirsteen! My audio isn't working just now...and we've just come home from vacation ourselves....will fix the audio thing tomorrow so I can hear your song! Enjoy your time on the island! (I'm guessing you are just visiting there?)


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