Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Hip-hip hooray today because:

~ after nearly two weeks with no phone or internet connection, it was finally sorted today. What should have been a simple switch-over from one provider to another, wasn't quite. 

~after nearly two months of near constant rain/heavy showers/generally poor 'summer' weather (even by our low Scottish standards!) the sun has been shining for 4 days on the trot and is forecast to continue for the next few days too.

~in one and a half days the boys will be finished school for the summer :0)

~in a little over a week the boys and I head up home to my parents for a few weeks (my beloved will join us half way through). I'm not so hip-hip hooray about the long drive north on my own, but I've have done it no problem every summer for the last 5 or 6 years so I know once we get going it will be fine. The 2 hour 40 min ferry journey at the end is a doddle!

~it stayed dry for our Sunday school picnic on Saturday too. Here's a couple of shots of the sack race to finish.

Our David, second from right, looks like he has taken off in this one! I love the way this captures his competitive spirit - he won too.

And on the contrary, it looks like daddy can't even get off the ground in this one!

It's good to be back :0)


  1. Kirsteen,
    Yeah! for summer. It's good to hear from you...glad the phone/internet thing is fixed. Have a lovely vacation w/ your family!

  2. So good to have you back! You and your bright smile and bubbly posts have been sorely missed, my dear! :)

    Okay, so I have to ask, because sometimes you use different terminology than we do here in the USA and I'm just plain curious . . . lol . . . but what do you mean when you say the ride on the ferry is "doddle"? What is that equivalent to in our terms? :)


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