Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - One of mine and one of James'

This last week has seen lots more of these coming off the crochet hook.

I'm trying to build up a supply of items that I can stock my little online shop with. I don't want to launch it until I have a reasonable amount of things to put in it!

Some of these corsages will also be going to my mum. The ladies in her church have a meeting at the end of the month where they will be selling things to raise money for the church's Missionary appeal. I've found some perfect sized boxes to put each corsage in, to package them up even prettier.

Moving back to the subject of my shop.

I also can't launch it until I get a suitable name for it. I'm coming up with nothing so far. I want it to reflect the folksy, handmade side of everything. It won't just be crocheted items in it. I want it to reflect me too, my patriotic side, my arty side. I wanted a Gaelic name at first, but then realised it was probably no good to have a name that no-one could pronounce!

All suggestions will be most gratefully received. I might even send a wee corsage to the person who comes up with a name I want to use!!

Onto James' project now.

He has a presentation to give to his class on Friday about his personal project. This term the teacher let them choose their own individual projects and he has chosen Roman Gladiators.

He plans to talk about the different types of Gladiators, their weapons, how they fought etc.

He has drawn a poster with the different Gladiators on it, complete with fold down flap showing their weapons.

He has also photocopied handouts to give to everyone, made a papier-mache helmet and made a short Lego animation of a Gladiator fight that he plans to show at the end!  

I may be biased, but I think he has quite a talent for art!


  1. I LOVE your crocheted flowers! They are beautiful! Trying to stock an online shop seems a bit overwhelming (I'm kinda considering doing an online shop as well) As for a name...hmmmm...that's not always so easy!
    Looks like your son has inherited the creative genes from you! The gladiator poster is GREAT!

  2. Oh my goodness Kirsteen,
    I have had such a lovely time catching up on your blog. I love James's art and I am so impressed with all that detail he has put into it. I just love your boys so much. they are so much fun, I think you should right a book on activities for boys, because I have so much fun seeing what your boys are up to next, makes me get excited for when mine are a little bit older.

    LOVED hearing about little "Baba's" birth story. SO exciting, also very envious about how fast that labor was for you :) Maybe after I have had three babies my fourth one will be as fast as your last. So glad you made it to the hospital in time!!

    Also loved your corsages!!!!! They are so so so cute. And I am extremely excited to see your shop when it is ready to sell!! I am also having a hard time coming up with a name for you, I like your first idea of having it in Gaelic, people will catch on and it will make a more interesting name for itself then the average english names out there. I am sure whatever you come up with it will suit just right.
    Oh also, ( I know I am leaving an extremely long comment sorry, can't help myself) I am so excited you got Warrior Prayers YAY! I was thinking of you when I was reading my chapter this morning :0

  3. Kirsteen~

    Your crocheting is beautiful and I would choose a Gaelic name because I think it would attract lots of folks. If you are able to crochet while minding four boys, that is amazing!

    James' work is incredible!

    I will think of some name ideas.

    Bridget in Minnesota

  4. Keri, I think you should go ahead with a wee shop too. Your crochet is lovely.

    Marie, thanks, again! I started Warrior Prayers last night. I need to get myself a cute little notebook now, to write them all down in.

    Bridget, thanks too. I sneak my crochet in while the boys are playing nicely or when they are off to bed.

    And Marie & Bridget, I might just stick to my original idea of a Gaelic name after all then!

  5. Kirsteen - a Gaelic name would have a unique ring to it, for sure! Otherwise, perhaps you could play on your lovely name (I like names that start in K and I really like yours, so pretty!). . . maybe like, Kirsteen's Kozy Korner or Kirsteen's Kreative Korner? I wouldn't think those would be too "cheezy"! I rather like the sound! But it's up to you of course. :)

    Loved your boy, James' artwork! He is very creative! Must have gotten that from his mom! Your family is so precious, I love reading your blog!

    -- Rachel

  6. Your sons drawings are fantastic!

  7. Boy, he really does have a talent for art! Great pictures! I will do some thinking for the name of your little shop!


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