Sunday, 19 June 2011

Internet Troubes

Firstly, Happy Father's Day too my husband, the best dad I could ever have imagined for my boys.

Secondly, just to let you all know that I may be a little awol the next few days. I like to try and keep my blog updated Monday - Friday, unless we are majorly busy.

We were supposed to be switching internet providers last Friday, and were all excited at the prospect at our new wireless internet, but there has been a slight technical hitch, a fault in the exchange somewhere, which means until the repair man sorts it we are without phone or internet.

My clever brother showed me how to hook up my mobile to the computer and use it as a modem, but since my mobile has very poor reception in the house, it's a pretty intermttent substitute!

So if I'm absent for a few days, then thats why!

I miss my internet connection!! 


  1. It is hard to be with out when you get so used to it isn't it? I didn't have my computer for most of our time away and really missed it.
    I am enjoying catching up on your posts.
    Many Blessings Pam

  2. I hope you won't be AWOL for too long!

    I just may try to make some butter today. I don't have a stand mixer, but I have lots of helpers to take turns with our hand mixer. I am amazed at how butter comes together!

    I, for one, love the Scottish history and tourism!

    Our adventure is coming soon!

    Have a great day, Kirsteen!

    Bridget in Minnesota


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