Monday, 1 July 2013

Wildlife Watchers - Part 2

Remember these little guys?

The boys didn't lose their interest in them at all and every couple of days they were checking to see what stage they were at.

I must admit that I had begun to think that they might never get past the stage of having fat bodies but very little legs and a big tail. It seemed they were stuck like that for ages.

But yesterday there was great excitement when we went to check on them and saw this swimming across the top of the water....

...and this one......

...and about 7 others. 

We watched them try and make their way out of the pond for a while and then noticed that some of their siblings had already made their way out and were beginning to move away from the pond!

Today we can't see any more left but it's so exciting to think that they are successfully off on the next stage of their life cycles.

And remember the nesting box? Well, I didn't get any photos of the occupants because frankly I'm just not patient enough to sit with a camera to catch a shot of the little birds rushing in and out of it, but we did hear plenty of the baby birds!

About a month ago we noticed the two bluetits were flying in and out of the box almost constantly. Calum stood with his ear to the box and discovered you could hear a faint cheep cheeping coming from inside. After about a week we could hear the cheeping without being right by the box and then a few days later we could hear it from the other side of the garden! We could always tell when one of the parent birds had gone in as the cheeping got much louder as the little ones demanded their food - hmmm, sounds a bit familiar!

Like the frogs, the bluetits have also moved on to the next stage of their lives now but it was certainly a very successful Spring for the wildlife watchers in this house!


  1. That is so fun! We had a robin's nest right outside our front window...watched the nest being built, and then occupied by little eggs, and then sweet little beeks popping up W I D E opened ready to receive some was great!...they, too, have moved on...and I think summer is officially here in the northwest USA.
    Have a great day, Kirsteen!

  2. I love boys and frogs and birdies... I understand the love of watching those things.. even at 52. I'm glad the boys got to see the frogs progress.
    Love and Blessings,


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