Friday, 12 July 2013

Vintage Finds

A couple of days ago we popped into one of the local charity shops as I was looking for some mismatched china cups & saucers to use for making teacup candles.


I found some perfect cups & saucers for my candles (moe about them in a future Make it Monday post I think) but I also got a few other lovely wee bargains for myself.



I loved the colours and shape of this wee jug and it cost me only 30p!



I think it will be perfect for serving cream with puddings. Or maybe some chocolate or butterscotch sauce!
Another 30p bargain was this glass milk jug.
And perhaps my favourite purchase (although it's a close call between this and the blue jug) was this matching milk and sugar bowl. They only set me back £1.50!



But I wasn't the only one making some vintage purchases.


James (13) saw this camera and loved it. It was only £2 so wasn't exactly going to use up all of his holiday money. It's so retro and pretty cool.



He loves the fact that he can see how it all works and has been online looking for film to put in it, as well as the little flash bulbs that went on the top.


So now we are all set - Who would like to come round for an old fashioned afternoon tea? James can even take some vintage style photos of the occasion!



  1. I want to come! I want to come! Shall I bring anything? Oh, I really do wish I could pop over and have tea and see your new purchases in person. They are lovely. Treasure hunting is fun. Marie and babies are going to come visit some time in August, and that is on our list to do together; go "treasure hunting" (that is what we call it). We love to look for the same sorts of things. I think to myself that in the UK there must be some wonderful tea treasures to be found. Love the camera. It is interesting to think that not too long ago, that is the sort of camera that we used, and now it is almost obsolete. I am sure James will have fun trying out the "film" aspect of picture taking.
    Love and Blessings,

  2. Beautiful finds, Kirsteen! What a fun shopping trip! Love the pitchers...I always seem to have a shortage of such things at my house!
    Have a lovely day!


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