Sunday, 7 July 2013

Things I'm Loving...


I've been trying to write this post for the last couple of days but my photos weren't uploading. Better late than never though!
Last week we came up to my parents' for a few weeks holiday and have been taking things easy for the first few days.
To get here is a five hour drive followed by a three hour ferry journey. We tend to pass those three hours as in the photo below!


My hubs likes to have a wee nap, which is only fair as he is the one who usually does all of the driving; the boys play on their various gadgets/read magazines/go for walks round the boat with me/have some snacks in the cafe; and I try and grab a spot of crochet time, when the boys are on their gadgets.



The boys, as well as dad and their uncle, have been spending the long Hebridean evenings playing football as long as they possibly can. Given that even at midnight it isn't completely dark here they could potentially stay out till then but I think 10.30 is the latest they have been out so far!







There has also been some late night rugby.




We have also been enjoying simple walks to the shore with Granny & Shen's dog, Roscoe.



(That land across the water is another part of the island, not the mainland)





And the lovely wild flowers that surround us.






The highlight of a Calum's stay so far has been a day out with his best friend, whose dad is also from the island. He went with his friend, his friend's dad and his friend's grandad to their bothy out on the moor. It takes about an hour walking to reach the bothy. They spent the afternoon playing their while the men went fishing on the loch by the bothy. Fresh brown trout were caught for their dinner and a happy but tired Calum was dropped off home later on at night.


The rest of the UK has been basking in something of a heat wave since we came up here, and the weather here has been mediocre at best but I think we are proving that we don't need hot sunshine to enjoy our summer - although it would be nice to get some! Besides, we don't come up here for the weather, thankfully!


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  1. Looks like fun! What a lovely place! Also fun to have a friend that is on vacation at the same time and place! :)


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