Monday, 29 July 2013

Sofas and screams

Yesterday afternoon David (7) and Alasdair (4) were through in the family room when I heard a big scream from Alasdair followed by some very loud tears.
I went through, picked him up and tried to comfort him and find out what was wrong. He was holding his right wrist and asking for Mr Happy, the bruise soother we keep in the fridge and usually use for soothing hot itchy eczema.
David said he had fallen off the sofa. He didn't see how he had landed but after about 15 minutes of crying it was pretty clear he had probably landed on his arm. There was no swelling, though, and so I thought we should wait and see how things went rather than rushing off the A & E.
Well, long story short, a few hours later, despite there still being no swelling, he was still whimpering all the time, holding his arm and just wanting to sit on mine or daddy's knee so we headed off to the hospital.
Because I was sure he would need an X-ray, and because I knew I couldn't accompany him in for one then daddy came too.
Thanks to our good old friend, Curious George, Alasdair knew what to expect when having an X-ray for a broken bone. He has watched the episode where George breaks his leg quite a few times! He was extra brave and told me about the funny jacket daddy had to wear when the magic camera took his photo.
The radiographer could see straight away that he had a small fracture on his wrist and we were led through to the plaster room where a doctor told us that the plaster technicians weren't on shift. They would put a temporary cast on his arm and give us an appointment to return and get his proper cast on.
Look how brave he was sitting up on the big chair on his own. This was the first time since he fell that he hadn't been sitting on mine or daddy's knee. It was also obvious that the pain relief they had given him was taking effect!



His temporary cast is quite heavy and he was a little uncomfortable through the night with it. He still doesn't sleep well anyway due to his itchy eczema but last night he kept waking up saying 'too heavy, too heavy' and trying to get comfortable! We go back tomorrow (Tuesday) to get his other cast on, which they said will be lighter and more comfortable.

Today he has been a little trooper. While he hasn't been using his right arm, he has been playing quite happily most of the time. He did get a little frustrated when playing with his super heroes as he likes to have one in each hand and couldn't do that today!
He also managed to eat with his soup with his left hand at dinner tonight. He did ask me to help him when he was about half way through though as he was getting a little tired.


Such a brave little boy.


The nurse at the hospital said how busy they have been this last month with broken bones since the weather has been so nice.


I was always convinced that the first broken arm we would have in our house would be as a result of a shinty or football injury. Not just falling off a sofa!

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  1. hehe - the first broken bone in our family was from Gracie falling off a toolbox. Funny how that happens...

    Tell Alli that we think he is so brave, and are praying that wrist is better very soon!!


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