Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Show Day

Saturday was the local agricultural show and the boys were eager to get their entries in to various competitions.


As were my parents!


Competitions include those for livestock, photography, locally grown vegetables & plants, sewing, knitting/crochet, art, woodwork and of course baking.


Calum (10) entered this rather cute duckie into the under 12s 'Animal or scene made from fruit or vegetable' competition.


David (7) entered his equally cute melon & carrot crab into the same competition.


They both entered the art competition with a drawing each, as did James (13) with his first attempt at an acrylic painting. He sat down at the beach one day last week and painted the rocks. Then later on that evening he wanted to finish it and so took his inspiration for the sky and sea from the photo I took of the beach one evening last week.
This is his painting....
...and the photo that he kind of copied.
Calum also entered the under 12s baking competition with this marble cake, which he made gluten & dairy free so that he could scoff it when we brought it home again.


When the tents open after judging, the boys always eagerly run in to see if anyone has had any success.
They were delighted to see that David had won a 3rd place for his crab!


Although non of their other entries won anything, they were still excited to see that my dad had won 1st for a houseplant he entered, a 2nd for a patio pot arrangement, a 2nd for a cut flower arrangement and a 1st for a photograph. My mum won 1st for her jam and 2nd for both her pancakes and fatless sponge. And lastly, my 16 year old brother won 1st for a wooden clock that he made. Not too bad really!
Calum & David also took part in the Kids' Olympics, which was done in teams of 2.


They were beaten into 2nd place by about 2ml of water! The final race involved carrying a tray of water through an obstacle course. Both teams finished at exactly the same time but the other team had about 2ml more of water left and so were the winners of the trophy.
Never mind, they got a big box of Maltesers as 2nd prize. One of the organisers overheard David say that Calum was allergic to chocolate. He came after us and gave Calum the same amount of money as the chocolates cost and told him to keep the chocolates for his mum! I thought that was a lovely gesture.


The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering round the various stalls and helping me out at my craft stall. It was a fun afternoon and Calum is already planning what to bake for next years' show!


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  1. So fun! We are anticipating our fair as well! It runs for 10 days beginning the first Friday of August. Most still exhibits must be turned in the Tuesday or Wednesday before that, and our sheep are at the fairgrounds (which means we are too) from Wednesday thru Sunday)
    Good job on the entries!
    How are you feeling?...good second trimester?
    Sarah is looking forward to her day w/ you!


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