Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Make it Monday - Granny Square Blanket

About 3 weeks ago I decided to start working on a blanket for the new baby.
Now, although my hubs and I know the gender we haven't told anybody else. We gave the boys the option of being sworn to secrecy or waiting till the little one arrives and they all chose to wait - although I'm pretty sure David (7) wanted to know, he just saw his brothers say they wanted to wait and decided to do the same!
Anyway, this meant that I couldn't choose colours for the blanket that are too obviously boy or girl themed. I chose these three colours because I loved their cheerful brightness and because they are fairly gender neutral. I can picture either a little boy or a little girl wrapped up in them.


When I began working on the first few squares I told the little man of my plan to make this blanket for the baby. After a few minutes he said, 'But I don't have my own blanket. Can you make me one?' I asked him if he would like one made with these same colours. He said he would and so I told him that this blanket would be his and then we would make another one for the baby. After all, he is already here!
He was quite happy with this arrangement. In fact he is keen to see it finished and if he sees me sitting down without a crochet hook in hand will ask me if I'm going to work on his blanket!
Rather than wait until all the squares are finished before joining them all together, I've been attaching them each time I complete a block of nine. This way I can see how big it's getting and decide how much more I have to go.
Tonight I asked my little Iron Man if I could see how it looked on him for size. I think I'm almost at about the half way point. By the time I double what I almost have here and add a border it should be about right. Like I said though, I'll just keep adding until I'm happy with the size!


This is such a pretty little Granny Square and you can find the free pattern (including very helpful pictures for any beginners out there) over here at Attic24. I should also add in closing, if you are a crochet lover like me you may find yourself getting a little sucked in to all the crochet loveliness over at Attic24 and may find yourself there for some time!



  1. Those are beautiful colors! So fun to be working on something for baby!

  2. It was so sweet that your little man, wanted the blanket! I think he understands that we all need a blanket. It is always a bit hard to not be the baby anymore!
    I think he is going to love it. Pray you're doing well!
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. This looks so cute! I'm thinking about trying to make a blanket for our baby :) That would be so cute...
    Just a bit difficult if there's nobody to show you, so I'll see if I can find a tutorial on Youtube!

    1. I fraught myself how to crochet with the help of videos on YouTube. There are plenty of them!

  4. Beautiful! I really, really want to knit or crochet a cute blanket for our baby boy. I have to agree with Evelien, though, it is difficult when there isn't someone right there to show you! I learn best that way. The directions seem like a foreign language to me! :-T But I'd love to try this!!!


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