Saturday, 13 July 2013

Things I'm loving...

A quick selection of more things we've been loving this week.....



Playing in the garden.



A trip into town and some chips (fries) by the harbour.


All those walks to the beach of course.


Lazy mornings.


Nights that hardly get dark (this was taken at 11.45pm).



And finally, it's not all been carefree. There has been some hard work too, like tidying up great- granny's garden for her.






It wasn't an easy morning for outdoor working that morning either. Very muggy and extremely buggy! Later on the sun broke through though and this is the same view as the photo above (well, I was standing at the end of the barn you can see on the right in the photo above) but with the added happiness of sunshine.
Somewhere across that blue sea lies mainland Scotland!



  1. Looks like you indeed have a good many things to be lovin'!
    Wonderful pictures!

  2. GREAT pictures, Kirsteen! Your boys are so cute, and your garden looks so pretty!

  3. The boys are so cute. I love the first and sixth pictures. I think I am going to pull up google map and try to get a picture of the Island and Scotland in my head and how they are positioned to each other. It looks like a wonderful vacation for you and the boys. Its good to help out the Grannies isn't it? We do that too when we visit (well Steve does more of it.. but I do try to do my part when that works out). How are you feeling?



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