Monday, 15 July 2013

Make it Monday - Craft Stall Makes

On Saturday it was the local agricultural show.

(More about the show in tomorrow's post)


There are a few craft stalls at the show and so I had one booked for some of my makes.



I spent the evenings last week making up these glass cabochon shapes. The square ones and the smaller round ones were for pendants, the larger round ones were paperweights and the oval ones were for letter openers.




When I took the photo of the completed jewellery the lighting wasn't quite so good and so the colours aren't true but these were my jewellery and paperweight makes from last week. There are pendants, rings, hair slides, bangles and paperweights.


These are the letter openers and a couple of wee pill boxes.


And a close up of the vintage comic paperweights, which I love. Calum (10) wants a set of these made up for him!


Now, remember my bargain hunting last week when I went looking for teacups to make candles? Well here is one of the finished candles....


And here is a photo of my little stall all ready for the show to start, complete with little helper in the background.



That's the little helper having his first taste of candy floss and not quite sure what to make of it!


It was a really busy day at the show and the stall did quite well, as did some members of my family in the competitions, but like I said earlier, more about that tomorrow!



  1. Wow! Everything looks great! You are quite crafty! What a beautiful stall! Glad you had a good day!

  2. Wow! You've done so much! How do you find the time?! Wish I could have been there!


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