Tuesday, 9 July 2013

More walks to the beach

Well, when you are surrounded by sand and sea then why not go as often as you can?!


While the temperatures up here haven't quite hit the sweltering heights that the rest of the UK is having, it's not so bad. After all with a red headed husband who needs factor 50 sun cream for more than 10 minutes in the sun, and only one of the four boys with skin that enjoys sunshine, this will do us just nicely.


Come along and join us on one of our walks.






David, the boy with more than enough football strips, is rather proud of another one he has inherited from his uncle.




This little sandy beach is a 5 - 10 minute walk from my parents' house.


It's a great place to collect shells and smooth stones.


Why, yes, I did enjoy a spot of crochet whilst the boys played around. It was all rather civilised!

(Roscoe has a tendency to run off if he spies anything remotely exciting, so as none of us fancy running after a fast terrier we keep him safely on his lead!)



There are also plenty rock pools for nature enthusiasts like Calum to explore. You can just see him in the middle of the photo below.


On the way to and from the shore is the machair (pronounced like it looks, with a Scottish 'ch' sound). The machair is the moorland on the islands and has the most beautiful smell. At this time of year it is full of beautiful flowers like these.




And then it's up the road back to Granny and Shen's house.


Thanks for coming along!


  1. So beautiful! Can't believe we'll soon have pictures of our own...well, Sarah will, anyhow!

    1. I can't imagine how many hundreds of photos she will have after her European trip. I had over 400 of our 7 day visit to London last year!

  2. Oh your pictures are so beautiful. I would love to be there with you and the boys hunting for seashells and pretty rocks... that is the best. What a beautiful vacation. The little dog looks like a relative of Shorty's (our little mutt)... Shorty is part Jack Russell Terrier; Definitely full of personality. How are you feeling?

    1. It's the simple parts of vacations that are the best, like beach combing, isn't it? We are great believers that we don't need to spend lots of money on days out to make happy memories!

      Roscoe is pure Jack Russell and you could certainly say he is full of personality!

      I'm feeling really good, thanks. Enjoying the relative easiness of second trimester pregnancy just now.


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