Friday, 28 June 2013

Summer to do list

The boys that are at school all finished up for the summer earlier this week - hooray!

Now, much as I am a great believer in letting them enjoy the freedom of these carefree days of summer, I also realise that leaving four boys entirely to their own devices for nearly two months is a bit of a recipe for disaster! I don't want to spend our summer breaking up arguments, see boys plugged into electronic gadgets for hours on end or hear the dreaded cry of 'I'm bored' too often!

With that in mind, I asked the boys to help me draw up a list of things we want to try and do this summer. Most of the things on our list are free, or very minimal in cost, and can be achieved by various ages. We typed up our list and have made it into a sharable document for anyone else who wants to join in with us! You can download our printable list here.

There are some things that we have left off our list that may seem like obvious summer choices - go swimming, play ball games, visit family, go to the beach, go fruit picking etc. The reason we left them off is because these are things we always do in the summer, and many times too, so we didn't think they needed to be on the list as we will do them anyway!

I've added a new tab at the top of the blog where I will keep track of what we have accomplished from the list. Plus, I'm hoping to check in with a post once a week of what we have done.

Right, let's get started!


  1. Its a good idea, and a wonderful way of helping them find things to do. I know summers can often get into a monotony of the same things. it is good for them to be taught to make plans for things to do. I like the items on your list. They all sound like great fun for anyone... Moms included :)

  2. Hey There, I did not see Mom's wee nap time on that list. Yes, summers can get a bit out of routine for about everyone. Hope your doing great!
    Blessings, Roxy


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