Thursday, 20 June 2013

22 weeks

I can't actually believe it's taken me until 22 weeks into pregnancy to post an update of how things are going! I suppose there hasn't been much to update really though. Like I mentioned before, there was no sign of an obvious baby bump until around 18 weeks when almost overnight my jeans would no longer fasten, so there was no point in starting the 'bump' updates before then!



This pregnancy has been pretty much exactly the same so far as when I had each of the boys. Weeks 6 to 16/18 are a blur of constant day long sickness, which is another reason I held off posting an update. After all, I didn't want to post week after week of - I feel terrible, sick all at long!


The actual sickness is usually only in the mornings but the nausea lasts all day during those weeks. I've already mentioned how I went off tea (still can't drink it) but I also went off a whole host of my other favourites - biscuits (cookies), cakes, chocolate...really not like me at all.


I was able to tolerate making meals for everyone, it does help a bit when you just have to get on with things rather than dwelling on how awful you feel, but I really couldn't face doing any baking for a good few weeks. That's why my Bake it like Berry went on the back burner for a while! Thankfully for the boys, the no home baking in the house phase didn't last too long.


Throughout previous pregnancies I must have tried every suggested morning sickness remedy going - dry crackers or toast before getting up, ginger tea (even when not pregnant I can't touch ginger drinks now because I always associate them with that horrible nausea!) etc - but with no joy. The only thing I have found to help is to eat a little and often.


It wasn't just foods that made me feel ill though, but smells too. Anyone else found that? The worst offender is my poor husband's first cup of coffee in the morning. That often had me rushing out of the kitchen! And a strange one, you know that lovely smell that comes from the bakery section of the supermarket?


Anyway, as in previous pregnancies, by week 18 the all day nausea passes leaving only sickness immediately in the morning on getting up. Not every day but probably more days than not. I had this for the full nine months with each of the boys so I'm not expecting it to go away this time either.


Moving on from the yuckiness though.


I'm enjoying those second trimester energy levels just now. Not quite pre pregnancy levels but certainly a lot better than they were with all that nausea!


Last week I had my second scan. My fifth baby and this is the first time I have had a scan this far on! Our local health board only brought in the 20 week scan just before Alasdair was born so I only just missed out on getting one by a matter of weeks last time round.


I was amazed at how thorough they are and how much detail you can see. I've always been impressed by the fact that you can see the heart and spine at the 12 week one but the one I had at 21 weeks was far more impressive! Baby seems to be doing fine. All the major organs are where they should be and doing what they should be.


The big question on everyone's lips was, would we find out if baby is another boy? I wasn't too fussed about finding out but my hubs said he would like to know. He wasn't able to come with me so the lady doing the scan told me. I'm glad I know now though. It is kind of nice knowing while they are still in there!


I know what everyone is thinking now....



Do I have to change the name of my blog?



Well you will all just have to wait and see as we are keeping it a surprise until baby is ready to make their appearance!





  1. What a naughty girl!!! Talk about leaving us hanging!!!! You look gorgeous Kirsteen! I am so glad you are beginning to feel a bit better. And what a trooper you are! I too had a hard time with smells and I had to let go of tea and coffee for a good portion of my pregnancy, but I didn't deal with the nausea like you have. Loved your update. Many blessings to you, the boys, your husband and the wee babe!

    Much love sweet friend....

  2. I look way bigger than you! :-o I blame it on being my 8th.... ;-) You look fab, and I am so glad you are feeling better. I still have a bit of nausea, but I am fighting anaemia. I have got more of the 2nd trimester energy back, too. It's so nice to feel a bit better, isn't it? Did you see that I am to have scans every 4 weeks! A first for me, but it will be interesting to see even more detail of things, and at least my life is organised until the 2nd of October! HAHA! I am glad you have kept us hanging - we don't need to know yet, because boy or girl, it's exactly the baby God has for you. Perfect. :-)

  3. What fun, Kirsteen! Love seeing the photo of you and your sweet bump!
    Glad you are feeling a bit better now!

  4. Okay... I am hanging here; and yes I was thinking all the way through I wonder if Kirsteen will have to change the name of her blog... I am very, very curious. What ever happens... it will all be fun and delightful won't it? So sorry for you with your morning sickness and nausea. That must be very difficult to deal with. I had it first trimester with all the babies also (although, not as badly as you), and smells did me in just like you, even with what I would normally love; anything that had a strongish smell. When I was pregnant with the girls, I had double of everything, which started me suspecting maybe there were two. Thankfully the sickness was gone after 16 weeks or so. Love seeing your update. You look great. Many Blessings to all.

  5. Hi Kirsteen, Its Isla, Mark and Rae Macdonald's girl. Lovely news, glad your better from the morning sickness, so exciting!!! Isla xx

  6. Kirsteen, Missing you and so enjoying your baby bump update! I am sorry about your morning sickness. You are such a tough cookie! I remember that and I didn't have it that long, it was so hard! Your picture is beautiful and I am so glad you got one up of you for us all to see! You don't know how happy I am and how cozy you get me when I come over to read your updates!

    I am very anxious to find out what you are having! Love that you are going to keep it a surprise!

    LOVE you all!!!
    Oh, now that I have internet I will be able to stay up to date on Instagram now! My friend Daisy showed me how to view it online, since I don't have a phone. SO I will be able to catch up on your Instagram too Yay!


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