Monday, 17 June 2013

Make it Monday - Father's Day Cards

The boys are great believers in home made presents for Father's and Mother's Days. I wonder where they get that from?!


These are the two cards that Alasdair made for daddy. As you can tell, he got really enthusiastic about sticking on the sequins! He enjoyed making the first one so much that he wanted to make a second.


Once the outside was finished he then spent ages drawing some super heroes on the inside. He has drawn Captain America, Buckie and daddy!


Calum's card is on the right below and David's on the left. I told them to draw something dad likes on the ties. Calum has drawn a shinty stick and David has drawn dad scoring a goal at shinty. David also decided to make two cards and his second is at the back.




Actually, David decided to do a third card, although it's more of a picture. An owl reading a book and dad scoring a goal in football.


James' card is in keeping with their enthusiasm for a summer movie I mentioned last week!



Finally, my hubs has written a lovely post about fatherhood on his own blog which I can highly recommend reading. You can find it here.


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  1. We read Andy's blog! It was a great post. (Gregg left a comment! - but we both appreciated his words!)


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