Friday, 7 June 2013

Things I'm loving...

This week I've been loving all the sunshine.
Finally, after a long winter and non existent spring, which really felt like the winter was just dragging on even longer, the last two weeks have been mostly sunny. Even when it hasn't been sunny it has at least been warm.
Everyone just seems that bit happier when the sun is shining.
Especially when sweet little boys keep bring them daisies and buttercups.


Calum and David decided they wanted to try a spot of cricket this week. They found a cricket bat in the shed but no wicket so they had to improvise. Look closely and you will see the wicket made out of three metal poles from a badminton net with a scrubbing brush across the top!


It's been so lovely to sit crocheting in the sunshine. I tried out a new pattern for some hexagonal granny 'squares' this week.


Loving watching the littlest man snuggling up with his big best buddy to watch a bit of 'monkey George'. That's Curious George to everyone else. Alasdair loves that cute little monkey. As do I actually! He especially loves it when the man in the yellow hat says, 'be a good little monkey!'


And finally, loving these handsome boys all dressed up for their end of year prize giving night at Boys' Brigade.
The lighting in this one isn't so good but I love the way Alasdair is hugging James' leg! And his silly face too.




Have a great weekend!



  1. What a handsome group of young men! Is their school finished for the summer?
    I've been doing some yarny things in the sunshine too! Some day, Kirsteen, we'll have to manage to do them in the same place and at the same time! I have some daughters who would love to join us as well!

    1. That would be so much fun wouldn't it?!

  2. Loving seeing you all bathed in sunshine - it's been a long time coming!


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