Tuesday, 4 June 2013

This sweet little man.....



....turned four at the weekend.

It was a beautiful weekend and so we were able to enjoy his birthday lunch outside.
Birthday boys get to choose their favourite meal for their birthday dinner. Alasdair's request? Mashed tatties! He would have anything with mashed tatties every night for dinner if he could. This time we had them with slow cooked ham and veggies.


James was keen to decorate the birthday cake and Calum wanted to bake it. I helped Calum a little with the baking and then left James to work his own creativity.


He had asked Alasdair want he wanted on his cake. The answer was a Captain America shield, just like James' had been. He also wanted Batman on there somewhere.
James' idea was to put the Captain America shield cake on top of the Batman cake...
...but when Alasdair came through and saw it he said he wanted the two cakes separate.
As you can see, Alasdair was quite happy with the end result!




Below are the boys and their cousins, who came round in the evening to help enjoy the cake! Aren't they all a handsome bunch?!


Once the cake was sliced we could all enjoy Calum's creativity on the inside.



Again, here is a little clip to finish with tonight. I don't know why last night's one posted twice so here's hoping that this one behaves itself!




  1. WHAT a cutie! Beautiful sunny day, too.

  2. Such handsome young men! Looks like a wonderful time!

  3. Hi Kirsteen,
    Your son did an amazing job on that cake! Boy he has talent :)
    Your birthday boy looked so happy and proud. I do love little men!
    I have 5 grandsons and they bless my socks off...
    You're a treasure, and thanks for your words of encouragement!
    Blessings, Roxy

  4. What a lovely little smile Alasdair has - his poor wee hands look quite sore, yet he's looking so happy. Glad he had a nice day - Happy Birthday.x


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