Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Weekend fun.

The weekend fun started on Friday evening with a girls night at my sister in law's house.


One of the girls in our church is getting married next month and so my sister in law thought it would be nice to have a wedding album night. Those of us who are married were to bring our wedding albums along and we spent a really lovely evening looking through all the albums. The weddings dated from the 70s right through to the most recent one, four years ago. It was really fun to see how people had (or hadn't) changed over the years and especially to see how the fashions had changed - of both the wedding party and the guests!


Here is one of the photos from our wedding album that I shared on my Facebook page recently for Father's Day.



Then on Saturday it was our annual Sunday School outing.
We were due to go to a country park for a barbecue and some games but after nearly a month with no rain the weather didn't quite co-operate. With the forecast for heavy rain showers all afternoon it was decided that we would just hold the outing at the church instead. Actually I think this worked out even better than going to the park.
There were lots of options for the kiddies.
They could have their face painted....


...or take part in team games in the hall
When the rain stayed off there was the chance of some games outside...



Cricket proved popular!


Then when the rain was back on, it was back to the hall for some more games...


Once everyone was tired out from all the games there was lots and lots of pizza and other goodies to eat.


When the afternoon was over it was time to tidy up the church. Most of the children whose parents were involved in the organising and clean up chose to play more football outside while we got on with the work but one little man wanted to help.

Here he is helping his uncle mop the hall floor.


And what a great job he did of it too, even if it did take my brother twice as long to do as it would have without his helper!


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  1. Looks like a lots of fun! Little helpers are great! at helping us keep things in perspective....not so much at getting the job done in a quick way!
    I love your wedding picture! That is a great idea...having a party and sharing wedding albums.


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