Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Something else to watch and listen to....

Another video today, but not one of ours.

One of my friends posted this link on her Facebook page a while book and I've been meaning to share it ever since.

Back in the days when I was a music teacher, before little boys took over my life, I used to do the rainstorm effect with groups of children, but not to this level and the song that follows is just - amazing!!


And if you enjoyed that, then watch them sing Mas Que Nada.


  1. Superb! Also, left a comment on previous post.
    Much Love,Pam

  2. Kirsteen,
    My husband just pulled this up! We loved it...and it made us think of one of our favorite performances of that song.....


    Hope you enjoy this!

  3. Keri, someone else emailed me the exact same link last week after I had posted this!

    I loved it too, and had a look at some of their other stuff on you tube as well.


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