Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - Crochet Baby Blankets

Last week I finished my first ever crochet baby blanket.

It's basically a super-giant-sized granny square, all in the one colour.

Here it is being modeled by David, who has taken rather a shine to it.

This week I have started another baby blanket. This one is a different pattern, all V-stitch throughout and it will have a picot border added at the end. I think this pattern is nicer, so any more I make will probably be the same pattern. Although, I love trying out new designs so who knows!

Our little Bible-study group has a few blankets on the go now for The Mercy House. Knowing they are heading off to someone who really, really needs them makes them all the more special.


  1. Kirsteen, these are lovely. - so pretty.

  2. Kirsteen,
    Your blankets are beautiful! Such a great ministry to make for people you don't even know! That is beautiful, too!
    Have a glorious day!

  3. Kirsteen, they're beautiful! I'll have to post some pictures of mine to show you! Nicely done!


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