Tuesday, 8 March 2011

It's Pancake Day!

Never ones to pass over any celebration of food, the boys and I made pancakes tonight in celebration of Shrove Tuesday.

Technically they weren't pancakes but crepes, but that is what everyone associates with Pancake Day so that's what we had.

Here is little man with his little pancake.

Now here is Calum, eager to get to flip his pancake.

And here is the flipping.....

It was then James' turn to flip his pancake, and it was at this point that I realised that without a fancy camera, it's not really possible to take a good photo of a pancake being flipped!

In order to share their skills at flipping these pancakes/crepes I then took a couple of wee videos but first I thought I show how I had my pancake.

Smothered in warm chocolate sauce, and stuffed with bananas (and a little more sauce!)

Onto the flipping.

First Calum and then James & David.

Gaelic word of the day:
spòrs (as it looks) - fun
Bha tòrr spòrs againn a nochd (va tor spors ag-een a noch-g) - we had a lot of fun tonight


  1. So is Shrove Tuesday the samething as Pancake Day? I like the idea of a Pancake Day... especially the way you make Pancakes with bananas and chocolate sauce... my kind of pancakes. When Olga comes home for spring break, I was thinking of making a chocolate crepe cake.... I had made lemon crepe cake last Easter, and it was suggested (by some in the house) to make a chocolate one
    I found myself very agreeable to that idea. The kids look so cute in the videos flipping their pancakes... and good at it as well.
    Much Love, Pam

  2. LOVE the pancake flipping videos! Looks, indeed, like you "spors againn a nochd" - well, I'm not really certain about gaelic sentence structure, so I'm not certain I picked out the right words! Sorry if I slaughtered you're lovely language!)

    Thank you for your kind words to my daughter about her poem! She was greatly encouraged. We're also glad to have a gaelic speaking connection!
    God bless you and your lovely family!

  3. Hi! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog - I am following you now, and looking forward to learning some Gaelic phrases! So fun! :)


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