Monday, 28 March 2011

Love keeps no record of wrongs.........or breakages

On Saturday we paid a visit to one of the charity shops that are run by the charity my husband works for.

The boys love going to these shops as they are big bargain hunters! James collects Beano annuals, and every time we go he is on the lookout for another to add to his collection. With the exception of the newer books, just about all of his collection has been bought in these shops. I think the Beano collection deserves a whole other post though!

I spotted this little tea-set below. Although it didn't have any side plates, I loved the dinky size of the cups and  milk & sugar bowl, and for only £6 we decided to buy it.

Any ideas where this post is heading yet?

What is missing from the photo above?

Yesterday, we had my in-laws round for dinner. Before they arrived my beloved offered to wash out the new tea-set so that we could use it after dinner. It was still wrapped in the newspaper from the day before. Being the joker that he is, he pretended to drop the first piece as he unwrapped it. Haha. He then called Calum through and asked him to help put the newspapers in the recycling. As he was unwrapping, he was throwing the papers on the floor. All very good, until he threw one on the floor and we heard a gentle s*m*a*s*h. (Our kithcen floor is slate-like ceramic tiles so anything that hits them doesn't stand a chance. :0o

Slowly we unwrapped the paper to find....

.......the lid of the teapot!

I looked at my beloved and then we both burst out laughing! He was so embarrassed. It was a clean break, and I should be able to super-glue it together.

And it was his suggestion that I put it on the blog!


  1. Oh, Kirsteen,
    Having a good nature is certainly a beautiful thing to behold! My sweetie is quite a joker and we have similar stories in our home!
    The tea set is beautiful! What a great find!

  2. Beautiful tea set! I thought originally that you must have bought the set w/o the lid, and was wondering if you were just going to plant flowers in the pot and use the tea cups! :)
    I'm glad you can super glue the lid back together, though... hehehe

  3. What a gorgeous set!! I love that you got it for such a great deal too. Yes breaks are something I prepare myself for when they occur but so far I have been pretty fortunate. I was expecting Calum to be the one who had the accident but all the more funny that it was your hubby. So glad you can glue it back!!

    Loved your sweet comment on my last post by the way. Thanks so much :)
    ~ Marie

  4. Sarah Jayne, that's actually a great idea about putting flowers in the teapot! I can see it looking beautiful with a bunch of sweet-peas straight from the garden in the summer.

  5. That is a great idea to add flowers. Those are beautiful!

  6. I'm so jealous, Kirsteen! Beautiful! I love teapots/sets. So glad you're able to salvage the lid!


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