Thursday, 10 March 2011

Recipe of the Week - Crepes & Chocolate Sauce

It wouldn't have been right of me to post the pictures of our crepes the other night and then not to share the recipe, so here we are.

It is best to make the mix about half an hour or so before making the crepes so that it has time to settle. You might notice when it's time to make them that the mix has thickened slightly. If so, just add a little more milk. You want this mixture on the thin side or else your crepes will be too stodgy.

Neither of these recipes need to be adapted if you want to make them with 'normal' ingredients.

For the crepes you will need:

400ml rice milk
2 eggs
2oz sugar
6 oz Doves Farm Wheat Free Plain Flour

~Heat your frying pan up while you are making up the mix. Lightly oil it too.
~Measure the milk out into a large jug/bowl and whisk in the eggs.
~Add the sugar and flour and whisk by hand until you have a smooth batter.
~Pour either a ladle-full or a wee dollop into your hot pan, swirling the pan around as you do so that you have  a very thin layer of batter right round the pan.
~Once the mix starts to bubble then flip it over with a spatula and cook the other side. 
~Best served warm.

For the chocolate sauce you will need:

200g dairy-free chocolate
200ml dairy-free cream substitute (Alpro Soya or Oatly)

~Just break the chocolate into chunks and add to a pan with the cream.
~Melt over a gentle heat, stirring occasionally.

This sauce is so quick and easy to russtle up for a mid-week treat. We often have it with banana and ice cream, or just the ice cream, or chocolate puddings, or fruit salad, or..............

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