Friday, 11 March 2011

Things I'm loving Friday ♥


This week it's all about the boys.

Firstly, James (11) found out the other day that he has made it onto the school team for the Inter-Schools Swimming Gala. He was so excited, as last week after the trials he didn't think he had made it through. I told him then that I was proud that he had even volunteered for the trials.

He has also entered the school talent competition next week, where he will play Pirates of the Caribbean on his trombone.

Thursday is school assembly day. Each week there is a pupil of the week from each class. The head-teacher reads out why their class teacher chose them as pupil of the week, they go to the front and get their badge, and then later on they go with the head-teacher and have a treat.

Yesterday, not one but two boys came home with pupil of the week badges.

David (5) was given the badge for being so good at learning his letters and doing his homework so well every night.

Calum (8) was given the badge for being always friendly to everyone, working so hard and putting so much effort into all the work his class are doing on their current project, the Jacobites.

The treat with the head-teacher was making, and eating, fruit kebabs!


  1. You have AWESOME boys! What a joy!
    Incidentally,...I have a 10 yr. old James...

  2. Oh they are so cute - well done boys!!

  3. How great is that? Congrats to you boys - what good students! :)

  4. You must be one very proud mama!


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