Monday, 21 March 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

It's been a while since we had one of these, so just a couple of random happenings.

My mum is down with us just now for a few nights. She spent the first few nights with my brother and family and then last night came to ours for a few more nights.

On Saturday, she, my sister in law and myself went out for lunch followed by a shopping trip for a special outfit my mum needs for a big event in May. 

A lunch with no children in tow! The boys were spending the afternoon doing manly things with daddy (like getting air in the car's tyres, and topping up the oil) and I'm sure my nephews were doing something eqaully manly with my brother!

Our shopping trip was a success and my mum found a lovely dress and matching jacket in the first shop we tried. It is a really nice fifties style dress with a belted waist. Later on, in another shop where she was looking for a shrug to wear with it too, my sister in law and I were drawn to the exact same dress. Another fifties style dress,  black with a white swirl pattern, a net underskirt and a beautiful satin sash round the waist. We joked about who had seen it first (it was definitely me!), before looking at the price. Oh well.

Now the boys are enjoying having granny here for a few more days, and I'm enjoying the fact that my washing and ironing is already done for this week - and it's only Monday!


  1. We LOVE visits from Grandma! The dress sounds great! What was your secret to getting the laundry done so quickly? We could use some of those tips around here!

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE hearing all about your fun with your mom and sister in law! Sounds like a blast you all are having. I would love to see those dresses. I have such a love for 40's and 50's dresses. It is so encouraging that these period pieces are coming back into style.

    Much Love
    ~ Marie

  3. What a delightful weekend and day! The dress sounds you sew? Maybe you could make a "kind-of-like-it" dress, then we could have a picture! (Though Anne Shirley would probably be ashamed of my discontentment with imagination). :)

  4. Your time with your mom and sister in law sounds like fun!


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