Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The secret to how I got all my washing and ironing done so quickly!.....

Well there were two components really.

(1) A bright day and a stiff drying breeze

(2) My mother was here!

My housekeeping schedule (yes, I do have one; yes I tend to stick to it; no I'm not trying to pretend to be supermum, just explaining how I run my house relatively chaos free) anyway, my housekeeping schedule is that on a Monday I tidy up the house from top to bottom. De-cluttering the junk that seems to build up in piles after the weekend, dusting all surfaces, hoovering all carpets, sweeping other floors, emptying the washing basket (by washing the clothes in it!) and deep cleaning the bathroom (let's not even start on this one! Boys...that's all I'm saying!)

On a Tuesday I will then iron all the clothes that were washed the day before, as well as what will have been washed on a Friday and not been ironed till now. Monday and Friday are clothes washing days. Thursday is bedding washing day. Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday are nappy washing days. The poor washing machine is glad when it's Sunday!

I don't like to leave the ironing basket with anything in it past a Tuesday or it just gets too big and intimidating. It's such a great feeling to see the bottom of the basket and know that's it for a few days (or a week!) Obviously if I, or a boy, are sick then I don't stick to this, or if we have something really fun planned, or are on holiday, but as a rule I do stick to it. I try not to plan any play-dates or anything for a Monday or Tuesday so that I can then look forward to them knowing my house is (mostly) in order.

So, yesterday.

Like I said, my mum is here. While I did the house cleaning, she made a start on the first of the ironing that was left from the weekend. Then, with such a good drying day, one load of washing was about dry by the time I hung the next out and so she just kept on ironing. It was all done by dinner time!

Can you believe I got so excited by an empty ironing basket, a day early? No, nor can I. 

And also to add, I can't iron anywhere near as neatly as my mum can. I suppose she has a couple of decades of experience more than I do!


  1. Interesting about the schedule, I'd like to know more about it, I find my home keeping chaotic and I think it's because "tomorrow" is too easy to say! I like the thought of doing things certain days.

  2. Sounds like it worked out wonderfully! Enjoy the time..both w/ your mum, and without the ironing to do!

  3. Ahhh! I'm reading your posts back-to-front. NOW I know why the lounge in the latest post looks so clean and tidy.

    (And why mine never does!)

  4. Where would we be without our mums? Love your routine (mine is similar), and never underestimate that sense of achievement and an empty washing basket!

    A slice of heaven if you ask me ;) xx

  5. Oh, and did I mention the fact that I understand your bathroom deep clean totally? Boys are really messy around the toilet aren't they? xx


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