Monday, 7 March 2011

A perfect Saturday

Sun streaming through the bedroom window.

Saturday morning pancakes and syrup.

A coffee morning to raise funds for the Boys' Brigade.

The boys got a few bargains since everything is for sale for about 50p.

David went to the cake stall to buy himself some cakes and bought back the ones I had made!

Watching the first shinty match of the season.

(OK, so you can hardly see the players but I was trying to get the whole vista in!)

A bit of shinty practise behind the goals.

You need to start them young!

A walk along the beach in the dimming light of the late afternoon.

To me, this is not a proper beach at all compared to the ones from where I come from, see here. But it still has sand and sea, and that is what matters to little boys.

And then a chippy tea to finish off the day.

In my hunger, I didn't take a photo of our actual chippy, so I  looked online for a photo. When I was doing so, I found this discussion board by ex-pat Scots about the humble chippy, which I thought would be a useful explanation of what I'm on about for my overseas friends!

And if you read it, as a West Coast girl who is now living in the East, I am still horrified at the thought of that runny brown sauce on my chips that the East seems to love. We West Coasters are far more civilised with our vinegar. 


Gaelic word of the day:
teaghlach (chi-lach) - family


  1. Sounds like a lovely Saturday! Your climate looks rather similar to Washington state....
    I LOVE fish w/ vinegar..but we actually don't have it often here!

    I also wanted to mention that I really like reading your gaelic word for the day! My girls (and their mom!) love anything gaelic! We've a bit of that blood in us!

    Have a great day! Lord bless you!

  2. Love peeking in on your Saturday. Our Saturday mornings sometimes look like that... Pancakes etc. Sometimes we have pancakes on Sunday nights... not sure why, we just do. I love that adorable baby with his cake. So cute. Seems like a lovely day. So what's a chippy? is it fish and chips? Is that fish in the basket with the chips? I lived in Wales when I was a very little girl and the newspaper with fish and chips stirs up a memory.
    Much Love, Pam

  3. Kirsteen, That is me above...... not my hubby.... I didn't realize I was blogging under his e-mail. Sorry about that. You should see the eyebrow he just gave me when I told him what I did. (Smile).
    Have a great week.
    Much Love Pam

  4. Pam - I know the 'eyebrow' well! (get it often!)

    Kirsteen, what a day! And I'm so glad you ended it with a chippie. Hubby and I had a chippy the other day - probably my first in about 10 years. It was sooooo good. The Ullapool fish 'n' chips - right beside the ferry - is renowned - and rightly so, I'd say. Mmmmm Bha e math!

    And I love that the wee guy came back with your cake! That's loyalty for you. Or simply good taste ;)

  5. Keri, glad people are enjoying the Gaelic words. Sometimes it's hard for me to write the phonetic sound properly without resorting to the Gaelic spelling!

    Pam, I did realise by the end that it was you, and I had a good laugh about it too! My husband has done that with my Facebook page before!

    In the photo it's actually a battered haggis with the chips. It's so unhealthy really, all that batter and deep frying so I'd just like to point out to everyone that we don't have them very often!!!!

    Anne, the thought of that chippy in Ullapool is what sustains us on that last leg of the journey to the ferry! Imagine our disappointment a couple of years ago, getting the 10pm ferry and finding the chippy closed!

  6. What a great day! Pancakes with syrup and fish and chips in one day - how heavenly!


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