Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Garden Pretties

On the way to hang out the washing I walk past our dwarf sunflowers.


Today I noticed a little visitor on one of them.



The boys and I plant sunflowers every year as they are so reliable to grow, and so cheerful when they open up.


I feel as though I have done very little in the garden this year, although I have done so much more than I did last summer when I was expecting Fraser. That pregnancy sickness didn't make me feel like doing much in the garden!
I don't mind not having done much this year either, I'd far rather look back and remember the time spent cuddling my little man!
I think that it is because I have done so little that it is so satisfying to see the things I have done growing well.
As well as my veg boxes and our sunflowers, I also planted some marigold seeds in the spring time. I hadn't tried growing them from seed before but here they are, growing thickly and flowering!


We also have lots of taller sunflowers as well as the dwarf ones.



The far corner of the garden remains neglected while we decide what to do with it. Calum (11) has built a tiny wildlife pond there using an old washing up basin and James (14) started building a road out of old bricks for Alasdair (5) to play with his cars on but it's not finished at all.
I have raspberries and red currants in that corner too.
When I hang the washing out, Fraser sits on the ground beside me and loves to play in the peg tub.
(The mess around Peter Rabbit is blood from some eczema on his chin that he scratched that day)
Sometimes, though, he decides to go off for a wee explore around the garden.



It's funny to watch him as he sits stroking the grass between his fingers. Or concentrating for ages as he tries to pick something up from the ground.
Off he goes.


He's heading for that football over by the back fence.
But he doesn't stay far away from me for long and is soon crawling back to me at high speed!


We're trying to make the most of the late summer warmth and enjoy the garden before the autumn chill puts a stop to us.


My only complaint though?





  1. He is so cute. I could just eat him up. Your garden pretties are beautiful as well. I love those sunflowers,they are just beautiful and so is the lady bug I know what you mean about being so satisfied with each part of the garden when you don' t have as big of a garden… that's how its been for
    me too. I love every plant and vegetable.

  2. He is adorable!
    Your pictures are great! Love seeing the flowers!


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