Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Garden Helpers

On Monday night we picked the first of our courgettes to add to the lasagne I was making for dinner. 

David (8) was very keen to help me pick them. He doesn't normally eat courgettes but he ate up all of these ones, saying that they tasted much nicer than the ones we usually have from the shops!

I was planning to hold out until the end of this month before testing our potatoes, as that will be the full 12 weeks since they were planted. But last night my husband asked if he could bring someone home for dinner just as he was leaving work. I didn't think there were enough of our shop bought potatoes in to feed one more mouth but rather used it as a good excuse to try out some of our own ones.

I had another little helper with me when I was digging them up, although he was more interested in tipping them up again, and he did get himself a bit muddy in the process!

I only dug up one plant as I'm going to leave the rest like I had planned, but they were super tasty.

And of course we had another couple of courgettes with our dinner too - which was salmon, if you are wondering!

Having had such success with a few little boxes of veg, I'm now looking out at the garden wondering how much more of the boys' football playing area I can take over for a few more boxes next year! 

Although, what I really need to grow enough potatoes to feed these boys is a whole croft!


  1. There really is something tastier about eating your own home grown vegetables. Your potatoes came out amazing didn't they? It is very encouraging when you see that you can grow a lot in a small space. Sounds like a wonderful dinner.

  2. So great to eat your own produce! The potatoes look great! Is courgette the same thing as zucchini? (Looks to be, but...??)
    And salmon! Oh, what a delicious dinner!


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