Monday, 11 August 2014

Make it Monday - How does your garden grow?

Remember these vegetable boxes that my oldest boy helped me build at Easter time? (I wrote about them in this post here.)

Well, although it took me a while after I wrote that post before I actually got the chance to get anything planted in them, they are coming along quite nicely now.

I popped out in between our heavy rain showers to get these photos of them tonight.

In the first box I have potatoes, which should be ready for eating in a few more weeks.

In my middle box there is some cabbage and swiss chard. The leaves from the potato box are spilling over on one side and the courgette (zucchini) plant is pushing it's way over from the other side! There is also a rouge sunflower appeared at the back of this box! I have sunflowers growing in other parts of the garden so I can only assume a bird stole a seed and it ended up in here! 

My courgette plant is doing well, with quite a few lovely fat, green courgettes on it. I actually have my sister in law to thank for this plant as she planted a few extra seeds in case they didn't all work. They did, and so she gave me one of them.

There are more tatties in the box with the courgettes.

As well as the veg growing in the boxes, I have a few other bits and pieces. I  have some more potatoes growing in a couple of bags.

I'm particularly pleased with these lovely shiny pots of basil I have on our patio. I grew these from seed and they took ages to get going but now they look so healthy. I love fresh basil and the smell from the pots is divine too!

Also on the patio is a pot of yellow tomatoes.

And I always like to have a few pots of cut and come again lettuce and rocket on the patio too.

August has been much wetter than July was, but still nothing to complain about by our Scottish summer standards. Last night, though, was decidedly cooler here and quite windy. The wind has finished off my lilies for this summer!

Last night I thought the air was smelling a touch autumnal, although I hope that's not the end of our summer quite yet.

I'm not the only person who thinks that the seasons smell differently, am I?

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  1. I love your garden boxes and all that you are growing. I agree with you about Basil; it smells so good, and I love to grow it, and smell it everyday when I go out and water everything. Your yellow tomatoes look wonderful. Pretty soon you will be feasting on it all. I am sure that your oldest son will feel so glad to have helped you build the boxes. We did the same this year. Steve built me 3 big boxes. They are tall enough where I don't have to get down on the ground any more which I love. I was late to plant as well, and all plants are doing wonderfully, but are just now beginning to get veggies; Tiny tomatoes, eggplant and cucumber. I love to look at each detail of all the progress every day. Its lovely to see your garden.
    Love and Blessings,


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