Thursday, 7 August 2014

9 months old

Sweet little Mighty Mouse (as he's sometimes known in this house) is now 9 months old and so I thought I should record some more of his milestones here, as much for my own sake as for anyone else's!


At 9 months old he had his first turn in a swing.


In keeping with his lovely nature he just sat in the swing and hummed contentedly to himself while it gently swung back and forth.
From around the age of 7 months he began to push himself backwards if you put him on the floor on his tummy. It wasn't quite crawling, but he could maneuver himself back a few paces, turn a little, manoeuvre a bit more and so get to a new place.
A few days after we arrived at my parents' for our holiday at the start of July, aged 8 months, he suddenly worked out how to go forwards. We were at my granny's house and he had his eye on her Zimmer frame. I had him sitting on the floor and then he just slowly crawled forwards as if he had always been able to do it! He was pretty chuffed to reach the Zimmer and to be able to play with the wheels on it.
Within a few days he had worked out how to get from crawling position back up to sitting. All within a month of learning to sit up on his own.
Now, a month later, there is no stopping him. He crawls about from one part of the room to the next, eyeing up his latest adventure.
He's not just crawling now, but in the last week or so he has begun to constantly pull himself up on things. Anything steady enough will do!




At first he would get a little excited and forget to hold on and then plop to the ground, but in the last couple of days I've noticed him realise that he can gently lower himself to the ground, although he doesn't always know how to and will give you a little shriek as he asks for help.
He finds things that aren't toys just as interesting as his own toys. Often more so!
One such thing that he loves to do is sit with a book and just open and close it, over and over again.






He is getting better at taking his dinner now, and will eat savoury as well as sweet, which he wasn't too keen on at first. He still isn't such a fan of lumpy food and dinner is the only solid food he is taking at the moment. Mama's milk seems to be doing the job of getting him to those milestones just fine though!
He has four teeth, two top front and two bottom front, that came through at around 6/7 months. The bottom teeth bothered him a little the day they broke through but the top ones didn't phase him at all.
As for his eczema, well it remains well controlled. I was looking through some photos of him from the Spring time and you would hardly believe the difference in him. He still has a wide assortment of creams and ointments, and I still put some Milton in his bath a couple of times a week, but on the whole his skin looks great. He does get itchy hands, wrists and face quite often but can be easily distracted before he gets too bad. The worst time for him to scratch is in his car seat or pram so we always make sure one of the older boys sits beside him in the car to keep his hands occupied and help him resist the temptation to scratch.
I love to watch him as he goes off on a wee adventure and to think of what is going through his wee head as he tries out something new, or picks some potatoes off the vegetable rack to play with, or pulls himself up to look into a box, but my favourite moments are still ones like this....


...not just when he is asleep but when he cuddles quietly in my arms.


These days won't last forever, which makes them all the more precious.

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  1. He is so precious. I love seeing his progress. I'll bet the boys just love watching him grow and change. Glad that his eczema has improved… he looks great.
    Love and blessings,


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