Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Makings - Meet Meep!

As promised last week, here is the completed little alien.


Alongside his snoozing buddy.




I didn't plan it, but he goes rather well with the colours in Fraser's blanket!


Since completing Meep I have nearly finished another project but that one needs to remain secret for now as it's a present for someone who might be reading this.


A Christmas present actually.


I know it's only August but I'm trying to get way ahead with my handmade gifts this year because by the time November comes round life becomes a whirlwind of festive activities.


I'm planning on giving as many handmade presents as possible this year. If not handmade by me, then handmade by other crafters.


I also hope to share some ideas that I come across on here, in case anyone else is planning a handmade Christmas too. Although, as with this weeks make, a few will just need to wait until the new year before I can share them!



  1. I've started crocheting again! But the pattern wasn't really good so I had to start over... And then again! So now I'm using a different one and hoping it works out better :)
    And I'm planning on making my SIL and/or nieces some blankets with granny squares. They've just moved into a new house and it's a very old little COLD house! I bet they'd love a handmade blanket for Christmas!

    1. Yay, well done! Annoying about the pattern though. Have you checked out the blogs Attic24 or AnnaboosHouse? They both have quite a few free patterns with easy to follow tutorials too.

      I'm sure your sil would love a handmade blanket or two!

  2. Oh! Homemade gifts are so fun! Please keep pics to show us after Christmas....since you may not be able to post any of them beforehand . :)
    I think attic24 was the first blog I ever followed. She does write beautiful patterns!


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