Friday, 15 August 2014

Starting School

Today was the big day for Alasdair (5).

He had been counting down the days this week until he would get to be like one of the big boys.

He looked so smart in his uniform, which he laid out nice and neatly last night.

Starting school never seems so daunting for a younger sibling. Alasdair has made the train journey to take his older brothers in to school since he was born, and so is well used to the routine!

The boys all attend a Gaelic Medium Primary School, where, as the name suggests, they are taught entirely through the medium of Gaelic. They learn how to read and write in Gaelic before any English reading is introduced, which is not until the end of their third year.

The reason for the train journey to school is that our local council doesn't have a Gaelic school. Instead they have an agreement with Edinburgh council that they will pay for the transport of any children in their area to allow them to attend the Edinburgh school. There is one other family at the school who live near us and so also travel in by train, which is why there are a couple of girls in the photo below - just in case you were wondering! We are able to take turns of escorting the children to and from school, which you can imagine is quite helpful.

The catchment high school for the Gaelic school is the only high school in Edinburgh that offers Gaelic as a subject, as well as some other subjects in Gaelic depending on what Gaelic speaking staff they have, and so the older boys still travel into the city for high school. 

The Primary school also happens to be almost right next to the office where my husband works and so most days he is able to do the morning run. Very handy!

Now, take a look at those two high school boys above again.

James' first day of school photos (back in 2005) are not on this computer but I did find Calum's. 

This week he started high school, this was him starting Primary school in 2007.

And with James, then 7, and David, then 21 months.

I'm not sure who has changed the most, James or David! Calum looks reasonably similar, I think anyway!

Fast forward to 2010 and here is David on his first day at school, along with his best friend. They still remain very good friends and I think he's still on her list of boys she might like to marry!

So, after seeing them all round about his age, which boy do you think Alasdair is most like? I can't really decide!


  1. To me, Alasdair most resembles David. Calum's mini-me has to be sweet baby Fraser. How long is your train ride? Good for you for putting your childrens learning of Gaelic above the inconvenience of having to take a train every day. It's very sad that the language isn't taught throughout all Scottish schools.

  2. They are all so precious and very like each other when they hit the same ages. Alasdair is so cute with backpack and school shirt. Also, I love to see them in their suit and tie.

  3. We loved reading this Kirsteen. I am amazed, your boys have grown so much. Little Alasdair is getting so big and so smart with his uniform . Zane and Ezra were very interested and impressed about how you all take the train every day to school and also, how the boys are taught Gaelic.


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