Monday, 18 August 2014

Make it Monday - Not one but TWO crochet makes!

That's right, two little almost completed projects from last week.

The first was using some of this stuff.

I've been wanting to try making something with t-shirt yarn for a while now. When I first saw it in Hobbycraft it looked like it would make a quick project.

I'm sure my sister in law won't mind me saying that she had something of an obsession for the stuff a few months ago, and was busy pinning tutorials for how to make your own t-shirt yarn out of old t-shirts!

It wasn't until I found a pattern using the yarn that I finally decided to try it out.

I've been following Annaboo's House on Instagram for a while and only recently discovered her Etsy store.
It was there I found this pattern and decided it was time to give the t-shirt yarn a bash.

One trip to Hobbycraft and a little bit of crochet time later, and I had a slipper!

Don't worry, I'm not walking around like Cinderella. I did actually make two but only took a photo after making the first one.

I was very impressed with how quickly this yarn works up but I also have to agree with what quite a few fellow crocheters on Instagram have said - it's quite hard going on your hands! I had to take a few breaks, just for a couple of minutes at a time, as my hands started to ache a bit. And I like to think that my fingers are quite strong after all these years of piano playing!

Still, it was fun to work with and I might even find myself trying out one of those tutorials to make t-shirt yarn that my sister in law pinned. One of them can be found here.

How to make T-shirt yarn photos and text

My second wee crochet project isn't quite finished but came about because this little man was under the weather at the weekend.

He was full of the cold, all heavy eyed, nose streaming and with a rattly chest. It's his first cold since he had a dose of bronchiolitis at two months old.

On Saturday he wasn't interested in doing anything and just wanted to sit with me or snooze in my arms.

While he was asleep I took the chance to try out a little crochet toy I had seen, this time on AnnaBoo's House Blog. Yes, I realise it sounds like I've been some sort of crochet stalker! But she has so many lovely patterns! There is a crochet along to make a little Monkey/cat/doll. The pattern can be adapted to make your chosen toy.

I was aiming to make the monkey but once his eyes were on, the boys all agreed that he looked like a very cute alien and said I shouldn't add any more features to his face.

So that's what we are going for.

He has grown some legs since this photo was taken, as well as one arm. Which is why at the start I said almost two projects completed.

The boys have decided to call him either Meep or Olaf and I will reveal their final decision when I share the finished toy next week!


  1. So glad you are trying the T-shirt yarn. I've wanted to try it for a while now. Grace just brought a tshirt to me and asked if we could make the yarn out of it. Will let you know if we get a project done!
    Hope your little Frasier feels better soon!

  2. I love love love the slipper!! Is it hard to make those? And are they very slippery? (hah!)
    I'd hate to fall from the stairs while wearing them :-)

  3. Aw, thanks so much for the mention! It's always so lovely to see what people make with the patterns. Can't wait to see how the alien turns out!!
    Enjoy crocheting xx

  4. Love the slipper and want to try it. I will have to give the yarn a try. What a great idea for using old tea shirts.


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