Monday, 2 July 2012

A Forrest Hike

The boys have two favourite holiday locations. Firstly they love going across to Lewis to my mum and dad's (of course!) but their second most favourite place for a holiday is a tiny little village near Lairg in the far north of Scotland. They love the cottage we stay in as well as the surrounding area, and we have come back to the cottage for a fourth time just now.

Last time we were here we came with my brother and his family. This time we have taken my parents in law.

Today is day 3, well day 1 was taken up with travelling, which included rather a loooong wait going nowhere on the main road north through Scotland as a result of an accident. Traffic was at a complete standstill for nearly 2 hours. Still, we got here in the end and, despite the frustration, we're more than a little thankful that it wasn't us involved in the accident!

So, day 3, and my mother in law is rather amazed at how much four young boys can eat!

We had such a busy fun filled day today that I shan't share photos of all of it, but it got off to a great start when we took granny for a hike in the Forrest.

There is a Forrest walk around a gorge at the back of the cottage, and it is one of the highlights of the holiday for the boys.

Come with me on our wee hike.

The walk starts at the top of the gorge and soon comes to a view point looking down to the bottom and to a wooden carved bear statue. You can see it in the clearing below, next to a picnic table.







It takes you slowly down the gorge, closer to the water.




You eventually reach the bear!


And the water.

What little boy can pass a river surrounded by stones and not throw them in?!

The rest of the day was spent at a local museum (which includes my father in law's school photo), spending time with my father in law's bachelor brother who lives nearby, fishing and golfing.

Now that's how to get a holiday started - and how to get boys to conk out quickly in their beds at night!!


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  1. A lovely walk! I love vacations that are traditions - they are that much more memorable and special! Enjoy your time away! :)


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