Saturday, 7 July 2012

A welcome rest

I'm sitting here nice and cosy by the peat fire at my mum and dad's house, having done very little all day!

The reason for doing so little is quite simple.

We came across to the island last night on the very late ferry. The boat was due to sail at 11pm but it often runs late in the summer time when it is busy and so didn't set sail until about 11.40pm. This meant it was nearly 2.30am when the ferry reached Stornoway and we didn't get into our beds at my parents' house until 3.30am.

If that's not a good enough reason for a lazy day then I don't know what is!

We had such a beautiful evening drive over to the ferry.

From the mainland side the sea look lovely and calm as we watched the ferry come in at 11.

Don't you just love long, light, summer evenings?

When the boat begins to leave, the Captain always has an announcement introducing himself and giving a wee weather/conditions forecast. He always seems to err on the side of caution, so when he tells you to expect a 'moderate swell' and that it would be best not to move around in the middle part of the crossing, your heart sinks a little!

It's at this point that I imagine my husband thinking to himself that he shouldn't have married an island girl!

The boys' cousins were on the boat last night too, and at the beginning of the crossing they all sat quietly watching some cartoons on the iPad.

It didnt take long for the bumpiness to start and so my husband quickly lay down on the seats, the best way to overcome the nausea of sea-sickness. It wasn't long after this that we began to hear people being sick around about us, and so he plugged in his earphones and listened to some music to drown out the sound!

Before it got too rough Calum and I went for a quick walk on the deck and took this picture.

It was just after midnight, and somewhere to the far west it was still daylight.

Slowly, the boys all began to drift off to sleep.

Calum and his cousin are here....

The man standing in the background is the poor ferry employee who spent a large part of the night mopping lot of different peoples' dinners!

James and two of his cousins slept on the floor, David had space on the sofa beside me.

Alasdair was last to sleep. It must have been about 1.15am before I got him to drop off and the only place he would sleep was my arms, which meant no snooze for me.

I'm not sure I remember bed ever being quite so welcoming!

Incidentally, my husband says he doesnt regret marrying an island girl :0)


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