Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The heart of the home

Since I have written so many posts about food, cooking, baking, cakes etc I thought I would invite you all into my kitchen where it all happens.

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First you have to come through the dining room....

Behind the dining room door is 'my' bookcase. So called because it houses my favourite books. Well, my favourite non-reading books, although that doesn't really make sense does it? It does to me anyway!

On the bottom shelf are some of my piano books; the shelf above this one I have kindly donated to my husband, who owns far, far more books than I do; the middle shelf is where all the home baking lives (the glass dome isn't usually empty!); the shelf above is where my collection of cookbooks are found; and the shelf above this is where I keep all of my craft books.

We have two whiteboards on the dining room wall. One for drawing on and the other for our menu plan. If you have never tried menu planning, I highly recommend you give it a go. In fact I plan to post on it soon.


So, onto the kitchen.

Now before we go any further, I must remind you that this is a family kitchen. I purposely didn't tidy up those dishes on the drainer so that you got to see what it's like every day rather than how a show home would look.


I love my kitchen. We had new units put in about 5 years ago and I still love them as much as I did when they were new.


Those are some Blueberry & Raspberry Muffins cooling down on top of the cooker.


James was busy working on an animation using the iPad and some foodstuffs. It's a good one (aren't they all?) and I promise to share it soon.

At the back of my cooker sit this cute little family of owls. They came from a friend all the way across in the USA. Sweet and practical.

Before we finish up our wee visit, I must share my two favourite gadgets in the kitchen.

First, my slow cooker. Every family kitchen needs one of these!

And equally important, my food mixer. It also has a food processor, blender and juicer attachment. Where would I be without it?

If you're wondering, that is a tray of flapjacks cooling on top of the toaster!

So, thanks for calling in. I only wish I could share some of the muffins or flapjacks with you too.



  1. yay I love it! i wish we could have a muffin together too! now I must tell you I almost bought those owls! lol! but I was a tad late! they look awesome in your kitchen! Your Kitchen is very cozy! loved coming by!

  2. Oh YAY! I feel as though I was really there, except I didn't get a taste of your delicious baked goods :) This was wonderful to see Kirsteen! And the owls look perfect above your stove! :) The window above the sink is so cheerful. I love windows in the kitchen. This is the third house that we have lived in where there is no window in the kitchen. It makes such a difference to have light shining through :)

  3. Bit late commenting but lovely 'slice of life' post. Would be cool to come have a cuppa with you in this lovely kitchen one day :-)


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