Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Show Day

On Saturday it was the local agricultural show day here.

The boys spent most of the day on Friday preparing their entries. When I wasn't helping them I was helping my mum do some baking, as she was the organiser of the teas and cakes for the show.

Calum made a rainbow cake for the under 12s baking competition. Gluten and dairy free, of course.

James made some chocolate octopus biscuits and some coconut mice for the 12 - 16 baking competition.

He also made some lovely vanilla biscuits (cookies) and you can see them in the photo of James from yesterday's post.

David made some little truffles (for the under 12s baking competition). His favourite part was definitely scraping out and scoffing the leftover condensed milk in the tin!

David also entered the 4-6 year olds art competition with this drawing of daddy.

And Calum had fun making up this cauliflower sheep for the kids 'scene or animal made out of fruit or vegetable' competition.

We went along to the show ground the night before to hand in our competition entries, and also to help granny and her helpers make sure everything was in place for the teas.

The boys were happy to muck about while they waited!


The day of the show was beautiful.

I was excited to have a craft stall in one of the marquees and my mum did her bit of free advertising for me by wearing one of my bangles! If anyone asked her about it when she was serving the teas she could send them in my direction :0)

As soon as the judging was over and the competition entries were open for display, the boys went off to find their entries.

They were all excited to see tht Calum got a third for his cauliflower sheep!

There were a lot of entries in the kids' baking competitions and so they didn't get any prizes for their creations but they were all winners in my eyes.

They were excited when anyone in our family won a prize though, and came running to tell me that aid had got a second for this photo I entered. I'm sure you all remember seeing it first on the blog last week!

My youngest brother won a first for this lighthouse lamp that he made at school (he's 15, if you're wondering!)

Apart from all the excitement over who won what, the craft stall, the tea and cakes, the candy floss, there was the biggest excitement for boys, farm vehicles....


....and rescue vehicles!

When we got home we put all the rosettes together (although one was missing for this photo).

The prizes were: 1st for my mum's jam and my brother's lighthouse

2nd for my photo, a photo my dad entered, my dad's cut flowers, my mum's pancakes and a wooden box my brother made.

3rd for another photo my dad entered and of course for Calum's cauliflower sheep!

Next year we aim for one of us to come home with a best in show rosette, something none of us has won before!

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