Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Shen's Helpers

This afternoon Calum stood watching my dad painting his greenhouse. My dad is rather fond of his greenhouse, which he built himself from old windows that were lying around in the barn. He is also equally fond of all the lovely things that he grows inside it!

Anyway, Calum was keen to do some painting too so Shen (Gaelic for grandad) asked him if he would like to paint the chicken house, which he did.

Roscoe sat supervising the work, tied up to his lead lest he wandered off to the beach after the horse that had just gone down the road!

It wasn't long until wee Ally wanted to help too.

The chickens can sleep proudly tonight in their newly decorated house.



  1. How very sweet! Good work, Callum!

  2. What good, hard workers! I bet the chickens were very pleased!


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